GSO/CZS-Repatriation programme

In order to strengthen the position of domestic universities in global competition and facilitate the return of young German researchers from abroad, the Carl Zeiss Foundation (CZS) and the German Scholars Organization (GSO) jointly launched the “Scientist repatriation programme GSO/CZS" in 2013. In the MINT subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technical disciplines) and business administration, nominations of German top scientists, who have been working abroad for at least two years, are supported at universities in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia.

Universities can apply for funding of up to 125,000 euros per professorship as needed. This allows universities to remain internationally competitive even in the crucial phase of contract negotiations, since they can respond individually to equipment or personnel requirements, for example. For the eligible candidates, these additional funds are often indispensable in order to continue their research activities in Germany quickly and without loss of efficiency. The universities in turn receive a significant boost towards internationalisation as a result of being able to negotiate foreign contracts, as returnees often come with a living global network and thus stimulate international cooperation.

A total of 21 professors have so far been successfully recruited from abroad via the GSO/CZS programme (mainly from USA, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland).

Applications for the programme are placed through GSO, which has more information and forms available on its website www.gsonet.org.
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